Lunch Menu

White and Chocolate Milk available as well as juice.

October 1: sloppy joe on bun, tossed salad/dressing, pineapple, spice cake

October 2: tuna & noodles, peas, pears, bread/margarine

October 3: cheesy chorizo quesadilla, mexican rice, applesauce, cookie

October 4: chicken & rice soup, grilled cheese, fresh veggies/ranch, peaches

October 5: ground beef stroganoff, noodles, steamed broccoli, banana

October 8: spaghetti/meat sauce, tossed salad/dressing, fruit cocktail, brownie

October 9: chicken tetrazzini, corn, fresh veggies/ranch, pears

October 10: fish sticks, macaroni & cheese, green beans, apple

October 11: chili with beans, corn bread, pineapple, cookie

October 12: chicken tomato bake, peas & carrots, peaches, bread/margarine

October 15: corn dog, tossed salad/dressing, pork & beans, applesauce

October 16: pizza burger on roll, fresh veggies/ranch, pineapple, chocolate pudding

October 17: chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes/gravy, corn, banana

October 18: tuna & noodles, peas, pears, bread/margarine

October 19: BBQ riblet on bun, potato salad, green beans, fruit cocktail

October 22: pizza, tossed salad/dressing, peaches, cookie

October 23: cheeseburger on bun, tater tots, baked beans, pears

October 24: beef stew, corn bread, apple, tapioca pudding

October 25: egg & cheese quiche, pasta salad, fresh veggies/ranch, pineapple

October 26: pig in a blanket, french fries, steamed broccoli, banana

October 29: sloppy joe on bun, tossed salad/dressing, fruit coctail, cookie

October 30: grilled ham & cheese, potato chips, cole slaw, apple

October 31: chicken nachos, mexicali corn, fresh veggies/ranch, cherry crisp


   October 2018   
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